Highlights from the last few weeks

Hello everyone,

It seems like the warm weather is finally here to stay! The last couple of weeks have been very productive, highlights include Pepper and Salt Skipper in Lower Sackville (Jim Edsall) and the Miramichi area (Eric Sullivan), Roadside Skipper at Mount Uniacke (Phil Schappert) and Miramichi area (Eric Sullivan), Brown Elfin from a few sites in PEI (Rosemary Curley), Bronze Copper at Amherst Point and Wallace Bay (Jim Edsall), Meadow Fritillary from Shepody Bay (Tony Thomas), Compton Tortoiseshell from the Fundy National Park area (Brian Townsend) and Jutta Arctic in the Miramichi area (Eric Sullivan).

I was rewarded with some habitat-specific species at a large bog just east of Jolicure, NB. Northern Blue and Bog Copper are two peatland-associate species I didn’t see last year, but I was never in the right habitat at the right time. Within a few minutes of entering the bog yesterday I saw both species! This is the time of year to see these two species so get out there and take a look. Bog Copper can be found at just about any bog with cranberry (and pretty well every bog will have that). Northern Blue is more restricted to coastal bogs and headlands with crowberry.
Phil Schappert sent me a note about the last blog post. He too had a very fresh Brown Elfin in the latter half of June, however his were in the Mount Uniacke area. He wonders if these fresh individuals had emerged at a much earlier date but then were forced to simply wait in a sheltered location, where no wear would occur, until warmer weather arrived. It will be interesting to see other late June elfin records from this year.


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