End of the Season

The recent hard frosts and yesterday’s heavy snow have pretty well eliminated the possibility of further butterfly observations for the year, save a Mourning Cloak or comma if we have a warm spell. So it is time to start cobbling together all of this year’s records. If you have specimens or photos that you haven’t submitted yet please send them in when you get a chance. There is no real deadline, but the sooner the better.

Sackville after the storm, 24 November 2011

Remember that any photos are acceptable, as long as you know where you took them and the date (or at least an approximate date). The only species that can’t be identified from photos are the azures.

If you have too many photos to email let me know and I can setup an easier way for you to transfer them to me using DropBox.

From what I have seen so far we are on pace to match the 2,500 records submitted last year.  I see this as a really good sign – butterflies were much more scarce this year due to weather, so a comparable season total shows a much greater level of participation. If next year’s weather is more agreeable we should be able to do much better than 2,500 records!

Have a good winter everyone!

John Klymko
Maritimes Butterfly Director

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