Recent Atlas highlights

Most summer butterflies are in full gear. Now is a great time of year to add skippers to your square’s list. Dun Skipper, Tawny-edged Skipper, Long Dash, Peck’s Skipper, and European Skipper are quite common in meadows these days.

There have been a couple of great records out of Nova Scotia recently. Derek Bridgehouse and Phil Schappert picked up Northern Cloudywing near Debert last week. This is well west of any other Atlas-period Nova Scotia records, so their record fills in a significant gap! Prior to the Atlas there were very few records of Northern Cloudywing from Nova Scotia.

Striped Hairstreak. Found by Mark Elderkin in Kentville on July 10

Banded Hairstreak. Found by Mark Elderkin in Kentville on July 10

On July 10 Mark Elderkin found 10 Banded Hairstreaks at a patch of milkweed behind the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division offices in Kentville. This is a new square for the species. So far it has been found in just four other squares, two in Nova Scotia and two in New Brunswick. This You can check out more Mark’s great shots here.

Good butterflying!


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