More new locations for Eastern Tailed-Blue in Nova Scotia

The reports of Eastern Tailed-Blue from Nova Scotia keep coming in. Most recently the species was found by Andrew Danylewich at the Western Head Lighthouse, bringing the total number of reports for the year to four (it was documented at other sites by Rita Viau, Derek Bridgehouse, Leslie McClair, and David Colville). Andrew’s record is the furthest south the species has been found in the province (the first ever provincial records were just last year!). This species will be on the wing for at least a couple more weeks, last year the last report was October 6th. Perhaps the first ever record for Prince Edward Island can be found before the season is up! Below is a map showing the Nova Scotia locations for Eastern Tailed-Blue from this year and last.

Nova Scotian Eastern Tailed-Blue locations

Nova Scotia Eastern Tailed-Blue locations

While the season is starting to wind down, there is still more than a month of butterflying. Many species like Clouded Sulphur, Northern Crescent, and American Copper are still about. There have been many recent sightings of Monarchs. This species can show up just about anywhere, but this time of year it is most frequent near the coasts.

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